Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Trip to Singapore

Last week I went to Singapore for 4 days.
When I went to Singapore I collected my luggage and my mother collected her luggage from airport. Then I took a taxi to a hotel called Raffles The Plaza. At the hotel there were IOCS people, I was very lucky to see them because they only get together 2 times a year. I checked in to the hotel and put my luggage in my room and went out to go shopping. First, I went to Funan IT Mall on North Bridge RD. Then I went to Forum and lastly I went to Metro (Toys 'R' Us). After finishing my shopping with my mom we went back to our hotel room and rested.

Singapore is a very clean and popular place. If you smoke on the street, you will have to pay Singapore $500. There is a good view if you go to Merlion statue. Singapore has many shopping centers and a popular zoo.


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