Tuesday, July 19, 2005

About sharks

Sharks are very scary but most sharks are not harmful. If people don't attack sharks then they will become friendlier with humans. When sharks or sea creatures get hurt and bleed they can smell the blood. After that they find the shark or the sea creature in a few minutes. That causes people to say sharks are the wolves of the sea because they always get together as a pack. They have sharp teeth so that they can bite off a big chunk of food. The sharks follow ships because they want to eat garbage which is thrown in the water and the ship sounds like a whale. The sailors think that when sharks follow ships someone is going to die.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Trip to Singapore

Last week I went to Singapore for 4 days.
When I went to Singapore I collected my luggage and my mother collected her luggage from airport. Then I took a taxi to a hotel called Raffles The Plaza. At the hotel there were IOCS people, I was very lucky to see them because they only get together 2 times a year. I checked in to the hotel and put my luggage in my room and went out to go shopping. First, I went to Funan IT Mall on North Bridge RD. Then I went to Forum and lastly I went to Metro (Toys 'R' Us). After finishing my shopping with my mom we went back to our hotel room and rested.

Singapore is a very clean and popular place. If you smoke on the street, you will have to pay Singapore $500. There is a good view if you go to Merlion statue. Singapore has many shopping centers and a popular zoo.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Introducing myself

My name is David and I have no brothers or sisters. I am 13years old and learning in B.I.S school.
I am very talkative, active and sporty. I am very good at swimming, football and french. I have a dog called Minie and she is a very good dog. I also have two turtles, two birds. I live in Vietnam now and I am on holiday for the summer.